Sunday, October 24, 2010

More Clay Lessons

I had another lesson with Pam last week and we extruded extrusions all day. It was a lot of fun and these are just some of the resulting experiments.
The beads below were made by slicing very thin sausages of clay lengthwise (pretty tricky to slice such miniscule sausages too!) and and layering them onto a base bead. When the bead is completely covered it’s just a matter of rolling it around in your hands to flatten all the seams. I quite like the look of this and with a bit of refinement on my part  i.e. trying to get the beginning and endings of the sausages more evenly spaced this has potential.

This is a whole heap of extrusions all joined together and then very thinly sliced and laid on a tubular bead that has been curved slightly.

Same design laid (very sloppily I might add) onto both sides of a contrasting colour. Made a hole all the way through for threading (maybe earrings?)

This is a pendant I’d made awhile ago but it really needed an added something. So I extruded a long flat piece of black clay and wrapped it around the pendant to become a bezel.
We did make some filigree beads too, using packing peanuts as a base which can then be dissolved in water leaving you with a hollow bead. But I forgot to take some pictures of them. Maybe next post if I haven’t made you all fall into a comatose state from sheer boredom.
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