Friday, October 15, 2010


I was making some more colour mixing chips this morning and I had lots of small bits of clay left over, soooooo……seeing as how I’m having another class with Pam on Tuesday and we’re going to be exploring all things extruded, I thought I’d have a play around and familiarise myself with this neat little gadget. I’m still on the green kick with the colour mixing so to add some contrast I added some cream.


It’s quite miraculous the way the colours come out.


Very op-art sixties kind of look.



Then I thought I’d play around with black, grey, cream, white and translucent. Cut out all the disc and stuck them together.



Loaded them into the gun.  And started turning and out comes a square sausage.


Cut the log into even size pieces and stack them together.


And this is the result.


So then I got a bit ahead of myself and decided to make a pendant. After I had placed the thin slice of extruded cane onto the pendant I decided the grey pendant needed some texture but there was no way I could lift the sliced cane off. So I carefully textured around the edge….clearly I wasn’t careful enough because I’ve squished the bottom of the cane and now it’s a bit raggedy looking.


Oh well, another learning curve, but I do love this little gadget and I’m looking forward to my class with Pam for more extruder exploration.


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