Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Day So Far

Got up and switched on the TV, not something I normally do first thing in the morning but I wanted to hear the latest on the terrible earthquake that has rocked Christchurch in New Zealand. The second one in 5 months. This one much stronger and more destructive than the previous one. 2011 has been the worst start to a year. We’ve had floods and  cyclones of biblical proportions along the eastern states, and here in the west we’ve had terrible bush fires in the south of the state and cyclones and flooding in the north. Mother Nature is really testing us.

Turned the TV off because it was very sad to see so much devastation. Sat outside to have my coffee but didn’t stay long because I could here my next door neighbour who lost his wife suddenly on Christmas eve sobbing. His grief and sadness were just too much to bare.

So……I’ve had breakfast, cleaned all the junk off the kitchen table, decided to put in a load of washing, but before I did that I decided to quickly paint a small canvas, that way it could dry while I did something else. But before I painted the canvas I remembered I had some meat that needed to go in the crockpot. Just as I was about to do the meat my phone buzzed, SIL sending me her next move on Words Free Scrabble game. She’s been playing with the me, DD, and DS and killing us all and not just by a few points. Her scores are so outrageous that we’re contemplating a Scrabble intervention. We storm her house, confiscate her phone, have it analysed by IT professionals (I know people) and find out what app she’s using to cheat have an unfair advantage over us.

So the washing is in, the crockpot is on, I played a word for a whole 13 points and this is all I’ve got to show you in the way of creativity.


This is a pendant I made a while ago. I applied black foil to the raised areas. I love the slightly distressed look of it.




I’ve used a new product for the stringing, it’s called p’leather and is made of  “specially blended polymers to look and feel just like fine Grecian leather”. But I’m hiding the top of the necklace because I’m not happy with the closure I made. It’s a work in progress.


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