Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes You Think of an Idea………..

……only to realise it’s a stinker, just like rotten eggs. I wanted to cut some discs from a log of polymer clay and was trying  to think of a way to cut them so they were all even. And then it came to me, a light bulb moment, why not use the egg slicer. I’ve used it to slice mushrooms and  strawberries so why not clay.

Hunted around until I found it in the junk  admin drawer and couldn’t wait to get started. I’m on a winner here, maybe I could patent the idea.


Laid my log of clay across the bottom. Already I can see the first problem. A slight curve, oh well I can straighten it up after.


Now comes the part where I shout out with excitement at my new found “invention”.


Not so fast dearie.


It’s not quite turning out how you imagined.


So then I had another idea. I could just use the slicing strings to measure the slices by gently impressing them into the clay and then continue cutting with my blade.


It’s ok, just so so.


Oh well, back to the drawing board.


But other things were a little more satisfying. I’ve got all these little beauties ready and waiting to get baked.


I console myself with the fact that even though my invention didn’t work out, at least at my time of life my brain occasionally works… a degree!


  1. Maybe if you put the clay in the fridge for a while before cutting?