Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Playing with Pan Pastels

It’s amazing the amount of scrapbooking and ATC stuff I’ve found in my stash that can be used with polymer clay. That’s if I haven’t given it away or sold it before I realise it’s usefulness. Take Pan Pastels for instance, I bought a whole heap ages  ago BC (before clay) and not realising their potential for clay I sold most of them to a dear friend. Anyway long story short I ended up buying some more and I’m glad I did because they are fabulous with clay.


Here I’ve laid sequin waste over the clay and stencilled three different colours over it.


I textured the clay then smudged over a light blue pastel to just colour the raised parts.


These are my favourites. White clay with pale grey and denim blue flowers.


Foam stamps were another find amongst my stash. I just colour the stamp with pastel and stamp onto the clay. No mess, no fuss, easy clean up and striking results.

So now I’m off to look through all of my old stuff that’s packed away to see what I else I can find that can be adapted to clay. It’s like a treasure hunt!


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