Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Present For Me

The Postie arrived the other day with a package for me from my bloggy bestie Tish and inside were two beautiful necklaces she had made for my birthday.

I just love them and I’m always in awe of her incredible wire work.

I love the beautiful cord she used.


You can’t see the gorgeous little crystals she used that match the lavender cord so well but trust me they make this pendant sing and the best thing is this one happens to match an outfit I bought perfectly.  Thanks Tish for thinking of me and sending me these beautiful necklaces……your the best!

Now I know I’ve been a bit lax when it comes to posting and despite my iPad taking up a substantial amount of my time (some would call it wasting time) I have made a few things.

I mentioned in my last post that I was making buttons, well here’s a few all packaged up and ready to go.


Most of them are about 1.5” in diameter so they can be a feature button perhaps on a cardigan or jacket. They were fun to make although not as quick and easy as I had first thought. Mainly making sure the holes lined up was the tricky bit.

Now I’m off to play research stuff on my iPad.


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