Thursday, July 28, 2011

Climbing Onto My Soapbox For a Minute

Can someone explain this to me. It concerns cherries. Cherries for us mean Christmas and we pay an exorbitant price for them, generally about $29.99 a kilo. Now these cherries are grown locally and only need to travel at the most 30-40 kilometres to get to the market. So how is it that cherries from America, which have to travel thousands of kilometres to get to us here in Australia, are selling for $9.99 a kilo. It’s a puzzle!  Ok…..I’m climbing down from my soapbox now.
Here’s two gorgeous tutorials for you. The first one is for a light fitting made with doilies and I think it’s so pretty. Gather up all your Nanna’s doilies or raid the op shops, get yourself a large balloon and some glue, the tute says wallpaper glue but I’m sure mod podge would work just as well. For the full instructions go here.

Doily Lampshade

Now the next one is a little more involved but equally gorgeous. It turns glass baubles into and amazing chandelier and it sparkles beautifully. For instructions go here.

Bubble chandelier 

I have a few more tutorials that I’ll post over the next few days. I’ve found so many amazing DIY blogs on my iPad so every so often I’ll post some of them here.

Happy doily shopping.


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