Thursday, August 4, 2011

Earrings, Gift Tags and Challenges

So in between the gift tags I’ve made a couple of pairs of earrings. Gotta keep my hand in with the jewellery making or I’ll get rusty.

This fist pair I’ve textured with lace. Condition the clay, lay some lace on top of the clay and roll it back through the pasta machine and interesting things start to happen.


Same with this pair, only half are textured.


Then I glazed them with grey and even made some wire wrapped (aren’t you proud of me Tish) earring wires and I have to say I’m loving them.

Sorry to bore you with these again but I’m entering the Art Spark Challenge over on  Love My Art Jewelry  Blog. The challenge is to create something that makes you happy. Well I’m always happy giving presents (happy gettin’  'em too) and when you can add a touch of  artistic whimsy to them like these gift tags, well it’s even better.


I even added a beaded and wire wrapped loopy hanger thing-a-ma-jig. So if you get a chance, have a look on their flikr site to see some of the other entrants.

And here’s another DIY project that recycles cardboard and turns into an amazing piece of art for your wall.

cardboard wall art

The possibilities are endless. You could paint the pieces different colours, stamp them, texture them, emboss them and end up with a great piece of art for next to nothing. Head over to the blog for instructions and start your cardboard masterpiece right away.

I might make one of these for the wall in my studio……oh….that’s right, I don’t have a studio, but I’m getting close.


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