Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party

I’ve joined the the Bead Soup Blog Party. The wonderful Lori over at Pretty Things has done an amazing job of organising this huge event. I think there are over 300 participants from all over the world.

Bead Soup

The idea is you are partnered with someone and send off a collection of beads, a focal, a clasp and any other bits and bobs you feel your partner may like and be able to use.  It’s a great way to stretch your creativity and step outside your box and to also meet some wonderful peolple. They do the same and then on September 17th it’s the big reveal. You display your piece of creativity on your blog and then go off and visit as many other blogs as you can to see how each person has interpreted their bead soup stash.

I’ve been partnered with a lovely lady named Janet in Texas. Janet makes beautiful lampwork beads so I’m really excited to see what she sends me and a little nervous too……I just hope I can do her beads justice. Janet’s blog is stop by and from there you can visit her Etsy shop too.

I can’t show you what I’m sending Janet, it has to be a surprise for her so don’t forget to check back on Sep 17th.

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