Friday, August 26, 2011

Measure Twice….Cut Once

I’ve had the worst head cold in the history of the world, my first for the year and I had just been thinking a few days earlier that I’d been lucky because I’d gotten through the winter unscathed. I jinxed myself. Nasal spray is my new best friend.

Anyway not having the energy to do much of anything I was just trawling through the internet looking at different things and came across this and it got me thinking about my wall paper sample books (I have enough samples to cover 20 houses) and the little gift tags I’ve been making of late. The instructions for this particular pretty envelope are here, my instructions are almost the same, but I omitted the closure.


So lying in bed and trying to breathe through my mouth I formulated a plan.

You’ll need:

paper, it can be scrapbooking paper, paper from magazines etc. as long as it’s fairly sturdy.
paper trimmer, or scissors
double sided tape
a bone folder


In order for my tags to fit, I cut my piece of wall paper 21.5 cm x 13 cm (8.75” x 5.5”)


The blurry photo top left is showing a pencil mark I made 15.5 cm (6.25”) up the side. I then folded the paper up to that mark and rubbed the bone folder over it to get a nice sharp fold. The top of the envelope is showing in the two right hand photos. Leave a small amount of space between the long straight edge and your triangles so it folds over neatly.


Apply double sided tape down the edges of the body of the envelope and along the top of your triangles. Fold everything together and give it another going over with the bone folder.


And there you have it. Home made envelopes.





To keep the envelope closed you could make the closure the same as the top envelope which I think looks very classy. Or you could use stickers, attach little charms, tie pretty ribbon around it, or just plain sticky tape which is what I’ll probably use.

They’re fairly quick to make and these that I made with wall paper are pretty sturdy.


So this is what I’ll be doing the next few days, it’s not too taxing and it’s about all I’ve got the energy for at the moment.

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