Thursday, November 10, 2011

…….and Action!


Here’s a couple of short videos I made on my ipad with the help of my wonderful friend Carmen. I’m demonstrating Viva Decor Inka-Gold cream paints which I just love while Carmen is holding the ipad.


The first very short video is a bit of a dud. My vanity got the better of me.




The second video is marginally better with a bit more of an explanation and some samples of what can be done with these lovely paints.



But I do need a lot more practice at this video caper. Like holding things up properly and for a little longer so you get a better view of the sample piece. And remembering to take my bracelet off so it doesn’t clang and bang on the table, and not to sniff (it’s hay fever season here at the moment……sorry). And possibly getting the camera operator……yes, you Carmen…… to ask some insightful and pertinent questions about the product.


Rolling credits:


Demonstrator:  Davinia

Camera operator:  Carmen

Director:  Carmen

Producer:  Davinia


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