Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Plentiful Pendants

I have pendants coming out of my ears. So I’ve listed these on my madeit store.

Black clay with silver highlights.


Ivory clay with pale gold highlights.


Denim blue on suede with silver highlights.


and this is my favourite, pewter clay with light silver highlights.


Now see these………


……I see trouble and grief heading my way. They look good but I know when I bake them awful things well may happen and I’ll tell you why. See the white markings along the branches (not the white dots, they’re fine) well the patterned piece is a very thin overlay on top of dark clay and because it’s so thin I couldn’t get it flat against the base clay without squashing the texture, so those white markings are probably going to turn into bubbles. I’ll let you know how they turn out. It’ll probably end in tears!!!

Just as I suspected……..trouble and grief.


I just cooked these. The top photos are the baked, bottom unbaked….shame the bottom ones looked pretty good.


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