Thursday, November 3, 2011

Circles and Dots and Squares

I’ve been playing around with my rather substantial collection of paints. I had some scraps of clay on my desk that when mixed together became a very pale grey. So I rolled it out and just started dabbing different colours of paint over it. I used Golden green and silver and Josona’s pale yellow.


Once the paint was dry (well almost) I textured the clay with squares and dots.


Then I cut out circles and used the inside cut-outs as well to create the overall shape using Liquid Translucent Clay to stick them together.


Once it was baked and cooled I smeared Folk Art Black metallic paint over the whole lot and before it was dry I wiped most of it off with damp paper towel.


Gunmetal embossed chain and a toggle and clasp finished it off and I have to say I like it. Something a little different and with a slightly contemporary feel to it.

It’s 12 cm (5”) across by 5 cm (2”) high so it’s a reasonable size and just sits nicely below the collar bone.

What do you think?


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