Monday, October 31, 2011

When the Queen Came to Town and the Duke Put His Foot In It……Again

The Queen has come and gone and the great Aussie barbeque she and the Duke attended on the Swan River was a huge success by all accounts. I didn’t go because the thought of battling the crowds was too much to contemplate.


Prince Phillip is renowned for making gaffs and here’s a couple of pearlers.

On meeting a young man with cerebral palsy in a wheel chair he asked him “how many people have you killed in that.”…….oh dear!
And when told  a group of students were the head boy and girl of their  respective schools he said “it’s obvious they didn’t choose the attractive ones then”…….ouch!

Here’s some pretties for you to look at. Love this yarn holder.


What a great idea, it’s from red hot pottery.

Get out your old Tshirts and make this.


You can find instructions on Ninth and Bird blog.

I might make one of these and put it in my new studio, did I tell you I have a studio now?……I did?……just checking.

paper tree

This is from everydaymomideas and you can find the instructions on her blog.

Hopefully something amazing will emerge from my studio this week. The millions of ideas I had when I was tucked into the small corner of the family room that I was dying to try once I had more room have now deserted me.


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