Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Humour Me


I’ve had a little play with my iPad and I’ve taken a video. It’s all very amateurish and Steven Spielberg has nothing to worry about, but it’s really just a test video to see what I could do and to teach myself to upload it. And also where not to put my fingers and to remember to take off the smart cover before I start recording. Couldn’t work out why all I seemed to be recording was an orange square, then I realised I still had the cover on and it was in front of the camera lens. Duh!




A Bit of a Test



So the photos I took of these necklaces weren’t terribly good (because I’m a lazy sod and couldn’t be bothered setting up my light studio). Then the idea of a video came to mind so I thought why not try filming with my iPad. Maybe I could showcase them a little better in a video.

Someone needs to invent a tripod for the iPad (perhaps someone already has, who knows). It’s a bit awkward trying to hold it with one hand whilst doing something with the other.  And all the controls just aren’t in the right place, especially the stop start button.


And how come when you hear your voice it’s nothing like the sound you hear in your head?



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