Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alcohol Ink Pens

So now my go-to shop for stamps, paints, clay etc has closed their bricks and mortar store and now have an on-line store I was searching for another store that sold crafty things and came across Crafty Capers. I was looking for stamps to use both for texture and images and while I was wondering around I came across these.


Spectrum Noir alcohol ink pens. I have the ranger inks which can be used with clay to I guessed that these would work the same but with the option of a double ended pen.


I had some light grey clay on my table, so I reconditioned it and then just started making diagonal lines with the chisel end of the pen across the clay using all of the colours from the set.


My picture quality is terrible, I took them in the studio without any decent lighting, hopefully you get the idea.

Then I textured the clay.


And cut out a shape.



So now it’s ready for baking. I’ll take a decent picture of it once it’s cooled.

Now this is a piece that was already baked. So I highlighted the texture with one of the pens.


It’s quite pale and I’ve given it two coats. Now when I picked it up to photograph it I noticed it was a bit sticky, not sure if I haven’t left it long enough to dry between coats, or possibly I’ve rubbed renaissance wax into the piece previously and the alcohol is reacting with it (can’t remember if I waxed it or not). So when I bake the other piece I put this one in too and see what happens.

Hope it doesn’t go up in flames, maybe I’ll just use my heat gun instead, not sure if our insurance is up to date!


  1. Okay, we are soooo on the same track! you have to come to my studio to see my growing collection of alcohol ink pens. I've been using mine obsessively for a couple of years now, and have used most brands, but you can also get refillable ones for the ranger inks. They become fairly permanent after baking, and the colours don't fade. Personally, I don't use the pens on raw clay much, usually after curing for details work, or to accentuate an existing colour. Copic,Prismacolor, Touch and Letraset brands all work well...can you tell that it's dangerous for me to go near art supply stores?

  2. I can't wait to see how this turns out. I just used my regular alcohol inks to dye some baked clay and it stayed sticky for a WHILE. It was less sticky after about 24 hours though. I think it's a drying thing, but I was using Ranger's alcohol inks in the bottle so it could be completely different. Anyway. . .best of luck. Those look really cool!

  3. Wow I knew you could use these on metal but never knew you could use them on clay thank you so much for sharing with all of us...