Saturday, April 28, 2012

Photos…….Awful Photos

I finished one of my alcohol ink pieces (just have to glue on a brooch back) and I’ve decided I like it. It goes very well with three of the scarves I bought in Bali for the princely sum of $5.00 each. But in trying to take photos of the scarves with the the brooch artfully placed most of them were blurry.

Like this, not only blurry but totally washed out.



and these.





So I’ve ordered one of these.

photo tent 

From here. I do have a light tent but not having anywhere to set it up permanently (yet) I thought this would be more compact and easy to fold up and store away (it packs flat) when not in use. If it works well and I think it will, I’ll probably sell my other light tent on Gumtree.

There’s a fairly in depth article on photographing jewellery using the system here.

It looks pretty nifty and it can be used with a mobile phone or a compact point and shoot camera. I’ll do a post after I’ve received it and played around and let you know what I think.


  1. That came out really cool. I'm glad you showed a close up so we could see the colors better.
    I got a photo tent with lights for Christmas from my sweet hubby. I specifically asked for one that packs away neatly so I wouldn't have to have it out all the time taking up space. I love it! Best of luck with yous!

  2. That Brooch is beautiful. Could you make a pendant like that?

  3. The brooch is beautiful and those are great looking scarves for 5.00. I have a photo tent that came with two lights and a camera stand and it packs away in a niffty carry bag.