Thursday, May 3, 2012

I’m Just an Old Hippy at Heart

Remember back in the day when we were hippies and macramé was all the go. I made my fair share of macramé wall hangings and hanging holders for garden pots. I even had a very large wall hanging I made featured in an exhibition once…..ah, memories!
Anyway it’s making a come back and in jewellery no less. I think these are lovely and lend themselves to a myriad  of designs, of course polymer clay comes to mind.
You can find very detailed instructions here.
macrame bracelet 
And these are really sweet. The top two bracelets are from the American store Anthropologie and the bottom photo is from a blog called Crochet Cloud and the instructions are here. Huge price difference isn’t there.
knitted bracelet 1

Saving the best till last. If you make your own earring wires and struggle to get them even then you don't want to miss this tip. Instructions and photos here.

earring wires

Think I might go and tie-dye something now.


  1. Ah yes, I remember it well............sigh.

  2. I loved to macrame in high school! Thanks for the sweet tutorial!

  3. Me, too! Love the styles now. They take me back!

  4. Memories! I too was a macrame enthusiast...and........I made a macrame triple tiered chandelier. Still pride of place in the attic.

  5. I can't thank you enough for sharing that bracelet link!

  6. Oddly enough I have in my possession 2 macrame hanging pot holders made by you. I'm not sure how I got them ... I might have stolen them. I also still have a blue macrame towel hanger which you gave to me for my birthday(I think) one year. I still use it.