Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tiny Piece of Clay

I wanted to make a necklace using one of the crystal owl pendants I brought back from Bali. Fossicked through my bead stash  and found some small jade beads (at least I think that's what they are). The tag came off the string and I can’t quite remember what they are, you think you’ll always remember, but if you’re like me you wont, and some white beads, who knows what they are.

Anyway this is what I came up with.


A tiny green clay disc and a wee little brass charm with a dragon fly.


I also used one of the brass toggle and clasps i bought over there.P1040243-001


A close up of the owl.

And this just came out of the oven along with a few other pieces that need sanding and refining.


It will be a brooch because it’s quite large and quite bold and I like it. Scrap clay smooshed together and then stamped. Smooshing clay is a favourite past time of mine.

I played around with the above photo on my ipad using an app called Snapseed. It’s the best photo editing app ever, so easy to use and the results are great. I was lucky enough to grab it when it was free. But having played around with it a little I think it’s worth  whatever the price is at the moment, something like $4.50 I think……..I could be wrong so don’t quote me.


  1. Like the 'smooshing' best of all.
    It doesn't look like it needs any sanding or refining. How big is big?

  2. The necklace is great! What a nice reminder of your trip. The brooch is really pretty, too.

  3. The white beads look like shell to me. I've had a couple strands of similar (but smaller) that are labeled 'white lip shell'. The green ones do look like jade, when I looked up some jade info I saw this: "Apart from the difference in value and slight differences in color, the two kinds of jade also differ in surface appearance: jadeite jade has a glassy luster, while nephrite jade has a waxy look." maybe that will help. I love the work you do in polymer clay - I keep wanting to try making my own beads every time you show something new you've done!

  4. That bead is soooo cool! I love the black stripes on it. Did you plan it that way or was it just serendipity?