Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Just Like Making Stuff

Even if it is a disaster.
Down loaded a free ebook about a month ago, how to make duct tape bags. Well I thought, this looks quick and easy, I’ll give it a try.

This bag is from the Instructables site.


I had fabric scraps left over from my hat making days. Yes I made hats and they were so gorgeous that everyone I made one for has mysteriously misplaced it so I have no photos. Isn’t it odd that everyone has lost their hat……I find that a little strange, don’t you?

Anyway, I started making the bag but forgot to take pictures from the start but if you download the instructables site instructions you will be able to follow.

These are the only tools you need, scissors, duct tape and a stapler.


I’m impatient and didn’t really measure anything, just eyeballed it. First mistake, you know the rule measure twice, cut once. But I just kept on my merry way.

This is the inside of the bag after laying strips of tape across it.


The right side and really, can’t you imagine this fabric as a hat? Seriously…….. it was gorgeous.


It’s very wrinkled and I think I know why, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Now comes the stapling.


And here’s the finished bag wrong sides showing. Yikes!


Right side facing. Double yikes!!


It’s all wrinkled and pleated. Now I think I know why this happened. When you are pulling the duct tape off the roll it stretches, so when you apply it to the fabric as it’s regaining it’s original size it pulls the fabric with it. So next time I’ll try cutting all the strips of tape first, sticking them to the table like so……..


……and letting them relax back to their original size.


Lots of wrinkles.


Anyone want a wrinkled duct tape bag?

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  1. You crack me up...
    And no thanks, I've got enough wrinkles to last me a lifetime!

  2. Though wrinkled it is still beautiful and YOU MADE IT.