Sunday, June 21, 2009

A new project, will they ever end.......

......and will I ever finish anything. I don't know, I start something, which leads to something else, which lead to ever more things and before I know it I've started about 12 different projects. None of which are finished. This is my latest craze (or crazy) thing I'm doing.
You might remember in an earlier post I bought a necklace that was a small tile with a green design on it. Well this got me thinking about transforming some tiles into a bracelet, so after sourcing said tiles from Bunnings and sharing half with Carmen this is what I've come up with so far. Below is a plain off white glass tile about 2cm square.
On this one I've stamped and embossed with black embossing powder a small flower, then glazed it with dimensional magic stuff. Gee...macro lens really pick up everything, you can see all the stray powder which in real life isn't evident to the naked eye. Now I've glued some bails on either side of the tile and when they're dry, I'll join them all together with some jump rings, add some sort of closure gizmo and see how it all looks.

When it's all finished I'll give it to Brighita and get her to where it heaps and see if it stands up to normal wear and tear. Maybe she won't like it, maybe she'll think it's soooo not like her kind of thing and wouldn't been seen dead wearing it mum.....I'm getting ahead of myself a bit. Of course she'll like it and of course she'll wear it and be my test case, if she knows what's good for her and which side her bread is buttered on and who does her washing and who cooks her dinner and on the odd occasion who makes her bed (ok, maybe once in the last 15 years). She'll wear that bracelet or else!


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