Saturday, June 6, 2009

We have a winner.

This is the human form of Please look like a 'con' from Casuarina prison. That's better. What are you doing? Well you're drawing the winner of my giveaway for my blogaversary dear. Yes I know....I'm a silly sausage, but I'm a happy silly sausage dear.

Oh look, it's number 2.

"Happy Blogaversary Davinia. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Hugs Audrey"

Audrey whoohoo. You win. Audrey was my lovely teacher at Scraptivate. You may remember one of the pages from an art journal I did called Penis Head. Well Audrey was responsible for that!

This is what you win . One of my bamboo tile bracelets. This one with an Asian theme and little silver beads. I hope you like it and I hope we can catch up so I can give it to you in person.

So hard to photograph on my wrist so a roll of paper towel was the next best thing.

Thanks to my faithful readers and commenters, you know who you are.


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