Friday, May 29, 2009


Today is my 1 year blogaversary and there must be fireworks. I've come a long way since my very humble first post here. From just a few words to working out how to upload photos (thanks to my son for pointing out that you must click 'done' after choosing your image, in a kind and slightly patronising way I might add) to adding widgets and gadgets and the odd video. Not bad I guess for someone who isn't in the least computer savvy. I've bored you all with things I've made.........

.......and stuff I've painted and stamped........ my sometimes blurry photography......

.....and I've even had the audacity to start doing little tutorials. Bit of cheek really, as I'm not the greatest artist or crafter in the world that's for sure. But I've had the best fun and I really enjoy my little blog and have learned a lot since I started. Still very wary of HTML code though!

So it seems to be a common practice that when you have an anniversary you have a give away and that's what I'll do. If you leave a comment you'll go into the draw for a chance to win something. Don't know what just yet, but I'll leave this post up for a about a week and give you, my faithfull readers and commenters time too.

And since my 'fan' base is very small I don't think I'll require the services of to choose a winner, it will be more like names picked out of a hat.

Thanks for coming by and visiting and don't forget to leave a comment. I do so love to read them, they always make my day.


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