Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Makeover

Not me unfortunately, but my blog. I've now got 3 columns yay!!!!! Been wanting to do that for the longest time and thanks to this very helpful lady whose instructions were very easy to follow and my DD (my pooky wooky, angle face, cherry ripe) I now have. DD works in digital marketing so you' d think my requests for a little updating on my blog would have happened ages ago but I don't know what's worse, her frustration and impatience with my lack of knowledge on all things computer related or my annoyance at her lack of patience with me. Really........Kids, who'd have 'em! But I'm most grateful and now I have just one last thing for her to do. I just want some borders around my sidebar and main post and I've got the recipe for that. Now I just have to pick the right time to beg for mercy, take pity on me, I'm old and computer illiterate, and I can't spell and I'm a terrible cook, and I'm overweight, and my blog is all I have left in the world to make me happy (......too dramatic?).
I don't know what's happened to my header though. It's gone, kaput, drifted off into the blogasphere never to be seen again. So now I'm waiting on the blogger help forum to see if they can help. Could be awhile I'm thinking.
You might be wandering why I don't just go ahead and do the borders myself now that I have the instructions. Well I'll tell you why.........I'm scared, OK. Html code is a scary thing for me and if something went wrong and I lost everything I'd be bereft.
And so now I don't have a header anymore (not that it was much of one) my slide show will just have to suffice for the time being. And if you're as bored as I am with the same old ATC' on there, I promise I will update it with some fresh ones........soonish!


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