Friday, May 1, 2009

Button Bracelet #2

I've had fun scouring the op shops for buttons. But I have to tell you they aren't as cheap as I thought they would be. Especially any that are made with metal. I might have to hunt down peoples nannas and grandma's and start raiding their button tins and jars. I've already raided my MIL's and she had a couple of good ones.
This is another bamboo tile I decorated and beaded and wired to use as a pendant. Not quite sure about it though, for some reason every time I look at it I think of robots....warning, warning......danger Will Robinson.

The black and silver bracelet has nothing to do with buttons or bamboo tiles. Just some beads and charms I threaded onto hat elastic. I picked up some cheap silver beads at the bead shop and now thinking about it, the new silver beads were cheaper than the old buttons from the op shop.

I'm off to unpack a VIP today. Probably one of the richest people in Australia. It's a two day job and in some ways I'm looking forward to it and others I'm not. Should be some interesting things in those cartons and can't wait to see the house, but then I'm nervous about breaking something. What if I drop a piece of the Royal Doulton dinner set or knock over a Ming vase or smash a Waterford chrystal goblet.......gawd, I'd be absolutely mortified. Wish me luck!


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