Monday, May 18, 2009

Craft show buys

Last Friday I went to the Stitches and Craft show at the convention centre along with 5 million other women (and a few men). I always go with high hopes of new and innovative stuff that will get my creative juices bubbling. But alas, the same as last year and all the previous years. Heaps of stuff for textile artists patchwork, quilting, sewing machines etc. Very little for paper and paint people like me. But I still managed to buy some bits and bobs.
Some stamps. The flower stamp is for practising the brushless water colour technique that Kelsey taught us. She uses a stamp from a Tim Holtz set I think but I can't justify buying a set of several stamps when there maybe only one of the set that I'll use. So this one will have to suffice and besides I quite like it. The very small stamps are for my bamboo tiles that I'm still experimenting with and I think I've solved the threading problem. Will post some pics later on in the week. Some Pandora style beads. $2.00 each beats $38.00 - $150.00 plus any time.

Some chains in silver and a bronzy, goldy colour. They're a metre long so I'll get quite a few button bracelets out of them.

And some beading books. I always seem to charge headlong into things with little or no knowledge about whatever it is I'm doing, which is beading at the moment, so though I'd better arm myself with a couple of 'how to' books.

So that was my craft show outing. Exhausted when I got home and with a much lighter purse but I console myself with the fact that I helped to stimulate the economy.Well done me!


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