Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bamboo Tile Experiments

I've been playing with some bamboo tiles and trying out different ways of decorating them the last few days. The beauty of them is that they are already pre-drilled so it makes them easy to thread. Although I'm having difficulties working out the best way to thread them to make them into a bracelet or bangle. The photos below are some of the different ways of colouring them. The black tile with the white on it was just sponged with black stazon ink and the white squiggles on the left is a uni posca pen, the word uni is written with a white uni paint pen and the very pale pen stripe is an inkessentials opaque white pen that wasn't very successful. The coloured stripe tile has different coloured sharpie pens. All of the patterned tiles were stamped with stazon and hand coloured with Adirondack pigment pens Below are some plain tiles just stamped with black stazon and the left one I coloured in with a sharpie and the right I just left plain.

These tiles I painted with folk art silver metallic paint. Gave them two coats and so it wouldn't be so fiddly having to paint one side then let it dry before doing the other side...........

..........I stuck them on bamboo skewers and then shoved them into a piece of foam. Ingenious I thought. They always say necessity is the mother of invention and I'm inclined to agree.

Here I've just sponged on green stazon with a small piece of 'cut-n-dry' stamp pad foam.

I also played around with alcohol inks and stamping and just quickly put this bracelet together to get an idea of how it would look.
Check back tomorrow and I'll show you how I aquired a very cheap source of tiles and if you live in Perth where to get them.
I'm off to play some more and try my hand at attaching some collage pictures to the tiles.


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