Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter goodies

My mother in law makes these for us every year. Hard boiled eggs in pretty pastry baskets. As you can see from the table cloth underneath I don't iron unless it's absolutely necessary......... like someone needs a shirt ironed because they are going for a job interview. My iron lives in almost total darkeness in the cupboard in the laundry and rarely sees the light of day. (I think my mother in law is a bit horrified about that).
She made the double baskets for Chas and I and the single ones for the Michael and Brighita and Michael's girlfriend.
And this is our chocolate stash. The rules are that all chocolate must be pooled together, no hiding secret stashes in bedrooms or cupboards. (of course that doesn't apply to me because I'm the boss of the chocolate)
See that box of Lindt dark chocolate on the left. It's mine....all mine!
Hope you all had a safe and happy Easter.


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