Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just some stuff

Here are a few things I've been playing with over the last few days. Below is a piece of canvas that I've cleaned a paint brush on. Then I've added squares and circles using Mont Marte metallic oil pastels. I love squares and cirlces, anything geometric really. I've then outlined them first with a black sharpie but that wasn't heavy or dark enough, so then I went around them with a black glaze pen and got a better definition. Another one of my manila index files. I'd already stamped the bird cage and eggs. So I got out my new Lyra Aquacolour crayons and just randomly coloured in sections just to see how they work.

Smudged all aroung with a wet paint brush. The colours really come alive once water is added.

Then I outlined the water coloured sections with black and the cage and eggs with white. Still needs a lot of things added to it so it all makes sense. Maybe some birds or a tree or maybe just hidden away in a drawer. Who knows!
But it's fun to play and everytime I make something I learn, even if it's just colour combinations or what medium works best with different substrates.
I'm off to the dentist today for the last part of my filling under a crown. Please be advised......don't ever get a cavity under crown because it will cost you an arm and a leg to fix. $1,000.00 later (no that's not a typo). Thank goodness for health insurance, although I only got half back. The only blessing was the tooth didn't need to be numbed and I could speak without sounding like I had a mouthful of cotton wool and my dentist Allan is very nice. Although he totally ignores me when I tell him to stop looking around in my mouth for more work. I think he just wants another holiday in Bali!


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