Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Harvey holiday, well a day and a night getaway really

I always get my photos in the wrong order when I upload them to my posts. Never mind. This photo below is sunrise through the trees at the rear of the chalet we stayed in. But I'll track back a bit and tell you about our little getaway on Monday and Tuesday.
Decided to take a little trip down to Harvey. It's about 140k's south west of Perth and it's cow country, beef, milk and also citrus country, with a bit of wine thrown in for good measure.
Not much to see down there but the chalet we stayed in was great and the surroundings were awesome. Almost 180 degree views of the surrounding countryside and through the trees glimpses of the Harvey Dam. The chalet is on top of a hill at the back of a working farm and they have set it up so well. Everything is there and all we had to take was some food.
This is the chalet with all the mod cons.

A sign in a little cafe where we stopped to eat lunch.

The last rays of sunset.

Almost set.

Just starting to sink towards the horizon.

Now please appreciate these sunrise photos because it was very dark when I went out with my camera and tripod and I had to be very careful I didn't step in a cow pat.

I missed my bed though. Click on the photos for a larger view.


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