Sunday, August 16, 2009

....and the winner is.......

......I've just called out to Brighita who is sitting in the lounge trying to wake herself up with a coffee, "Angel, pick a number between one and seven" she mumbled four and so number 4 is the winner of my giveaway. Kerin send me your details so I can get the ATC's and pendant out to you. Or I can bring it to the next Journal Junkies get together.
Below is another jewelry piece I just finished. It's a combination of shrink plastic, opals, purchased charms and black chain which I love by the way.

The round disc with the stamping is shrink plastic. I stamped on frosted pre-sanded plastic and shrunk them in the oven. Have much more success shrinking in the oven than with a heat gun.
The cream coloured shell looking thing is clear opals mixed with pearl utee poured into a Krafty Lady mold. It came out looking almost like mother of pearl and I'm really pleased with how it looks. Getting much better at pouring molds, sometimes if they are quite shallow they're a bit tricky and knowing when to stop pouring before they over fill is the tricky bit.
I did have another necklace to show but blogger is going stupid again and somehow the photos got deleted so I'll save that for another day.
Thank you to all you lovely ladies that posted a comment. Your comments and feedback are really appreciated and it makes it all worth while. Till next time..... when I bore you with more of my creations, have a great Sunday.


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