Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stupid Stuff I Do Sometimes

Sometimes I go off and do stupid things and buy stupid stuff but don't realise it's stupid till I get home and try to use it. Case in point is the black chain below. Went to Bunnings because I've been trying, without a great deal of success I might add, to get coloured chain. I should have realised when I saw this chain on a huge roll and the sales girl using some great big chain cutter things to cut it with that it would be completely inapropriate for jewelery. Not only was it too heavy but it was impossible to cut with my normal jewelry tools. Lord...if I had a brain I'd be dangerous.
So anyway, waste not want not I thought, and tried to think of some way to use at least some of the chain (I bought black and white). Then I remembered seeing over at Creative Junkies site a gorgeous jewelry board that she had made awhile ago. Andrea tries to pretend that she's not the least bit arty, farty, crafty but I know different, she's very talented and creative.

Her's is much prettier than mine. I wanted to make it straight away but that meant going through all my scrapbook paper, measuring and cutting and glueing and waiting for things to dry and I was too impatient to wait. Then I remembered I had some 30 cm x 30 cm canvases that I had covered in wallpaper. They used to adorn my family room walls until I replaced them with my own (snicker) artwork (snicker).
Below is the chain, I only had gold coloured push pins so I quickly coloured them with black alcohol ink and pinned the chain to the board. Now I can hang earings from it.
Then I screwed small silver cup hooks across the bottom. I would have preferred black or white ones but Big W has a limited range of hardware stuff and as I said before I was too impatient to wait. Now I can hang some of my chains from them.
When I saw Andrea's post about the one she made I left a comment about being a copycat and that I would hang it next to my faded dusky pink sheets that are masquerading as curtains in my bedroom , which is exactly where it hangs now. (But your not going to see my sheets/curtains, that's for real).
So if anyone has some ideas of what to do with 2 metres of black and white chain, please let me know.
Or if anyone wants to make their own jewelry board and needs chain....... I'm ya girl!


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