Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Too Easy Being Green.

I've had a very long love affair with the colour green. A lot of my clothes and many of the decorative items around my house are green, in fact there's quite a bit of green in this house when I stop and look around. My mother was the same. I remember when we were young and on the rare occasions when mum bought something for the house my 5 sisters (yes 5!) and I would all groan and say "Not green again". We had a green dinner set and kitchen chairs as were the sofa and chairs in our lounge.

So what's this got to with anything? Well you might ask! I've decided that Green and I are going to have a trial separation. No Green, we're not breaking up, we're just going to put some distance between us for awhile.
You need to let me go out and explore the colours of the world. I need to try colours with names like Vermillion, Tangerine and Azure. You have to admit Green, they sound a lot more romantic than Sage and Olive. Red, the colour of passion and anger, Orange the colour of the sky at sunset, Ochre the colour of the Australian desert, Aquamarine the colour of Chris Isaak's eyes. And then there's green, the colour of bile. See what I mean Green?

Now don't get all sulky and sooky on me Green. You know green with envy isn't a very attractive colour on you and it's not forever, you know I'll come back, I always do. I just need to connect with my inner colour chart and live life on the edge for awhile. Aubergine and Magenta are calling me.
Two pairs of earings I made last night.
Totally unrelated but I was shopping for a Fathers Day present yesterday and was completely stunned to see David Jones department store putting up their Christmas decorations already. Can you believe it? The world has gone mad!


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