Saturday, September 12, 2009

Colour Co-ordinate

She's 91 years old. Almost totally deaf (won't wear her hearing aids because they make her look old). Her eyesight is almost gone due to macular degeneration. In constant pain from osteoarthritis and has shrunk about 4 inches. She can only shuffle short distances with her walker and each day is a hurdle to overcome.But you know what? She can still colour co-ordinate. I'm constantly amazed every Saturday when I pick her up for our day out shopping and lunching how she manages to put her outfits together. And don't think because you get old you'll stop wanting to shop and spend money. Oh no! If we don't buy something each week she's a little grumpy when we get back to the nursing home.
My mum didn't start wearing slacks and trousers until she was in her late eighties. And now she even likes to don a bit costume jewelry.
See, your never too old to change.


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