Friday, September 4, 2009

Successes and failures

Here's a few things that I've been playing with the last few days. The bracelet below was on op shop find. Bone (I hope it's not ivory....eeek!) rectangle shapes that were strung on hat elastic. I took it apart and cleaned it then stamped a design on the rectangles and added some black beads, they look like swiss cheese and re-threaded it with beading elastic.
Now this one below looks great I think. It's grungeboard discs that I covered with wallpaper. I was lucky enough to have a punch the exact size of the discs which saved a lot of time. Thought I was being smart by just covering the front with wallpaper and painting the back with black then adding eylets and attaching them to the chain. But because the grungeboard is so light the discs twist around with the slightest movement, so it's back to the drawing board. I think I'll glue two discs together so they are the same on the front and the back, but that will reduce the number from 12 to six, so I'll add some other baubley bits and bobs to fill it up.

I know, I know......I said no more green for awhile. But in my defence I had painted and stamped these grungeboard discs prior to my 'ease up on the green' post from a few days ago. Painted them with Golden's Green Gold fluid acrylic and stamped with black and white ink. I love this one, especially the chain.
The silver snail things are Opals, a mixture of Zeehan (silver) and Black.
The other silver circles are from an op shop find necklace.
Once more the green beads on this ring were purchased before my green post. These were fairly quick and simple to do. It's a kit I bought from Wishware beads consisting of the fillagree ring blanks, beads and some wire and it's just a matter of weaving in and out of the ring and threading on beads as you go.
The ring with the read beads is my own design. That one came with a decorated scrabble tile that was supposed to be glued on, but I decided to change it and use some of my own beads instead.
Those wrinkly hands up there are mine. Gosh.....hands really give away your age don't they. Oh well, like the rest of my wrinkles I earned every one.


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