Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've got Beads, They're Multiplying.......

.....and I'm losing control.
Last Tuesday I had a beading lesson at my new favourite beading store Galaxy Beads. It's a tiny little shop in Morley that you couldn't possibly swing a cat in (but one still manages to meow each time you walk through the door) but it's chock a block full of gorgeous beads, interesting findings, plenty of kits and lots of beautiful ready to wear jewelry.

Wendy and her daughter Sharne (hope I spelt that correctly) are the kindest, sweetest people you could possibly meet and they bend over backwards to help you with purchases, queries and all manner of things bead related.
I was having trouble finishing off my stringing so Wendy gave me lots of tips and tricks to make the process easier and give it a more professional look. Here she is showing me how to add French Bullion to the beading wire.
Some of the glorious beads on display.
Lots of Swarovski Chrystal beads.
Strands and strands of every colour on the planet.
I have my eye on these.
Here they are totaling up my purchases. Oh dear, spent a little more than I intended to.
I'd highly recommend a visit and if you can't get there, they have a great on-line store.


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