Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lend Me Your Ears

I've had an earring weekend. Long weekend here with strange weather. Sunday was beautiful weather, a warm spring day. Then yesterday was cold and today is freezing.

These earrings are grungeboard and wallpaper. It's a bit hard to tell but it's a really nice lemony lime colour.More wallpaper and GB.
Wallpaper, GB and beads.

These are my favourites even though I don't wear gold. Erin and Brighita loved them too, so they each got a pair. Very blingy and retro.
I cut all the discs out with my cuttlebug. I was bit worried about the GB being too thick for the dies but they just went through it like butter.
I have a million ideas using GB and wallpaper, and it's fantastic for earings because they are so light. So making big bold designs isn't a problem as they won't drag down your earlobe to the top of your shoulder.
Until next time.......enjoy your week and happy creating.


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