Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Spas are Over Rated

Things have been quiet in the jewelry making department over the last few days. My head has been consumed with holiday plans for Christmas. Spending time with 3 of my sisters who are interstate and catching up with my girlfriend of 38 years (yikes! is it really 38 years Sherryn?).
But it's the big trip to Tasmania that I've wanted to do for many years. Now I had visions in my head of swanning around a swanky hotel suite, strolling around the city, lots of shopping and sight seeing and then strolling back to our swanky suite and possibly having a spa to relieve the aching muscles and then order room service. Who was I kidding?
You see we forgot to factor in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race and every hotel, motel, apartment, bed and breakfast within coo-ee of the city is booked out. So after 3 days on the internet, many emails begging for accommodation and pulling my hair out we finally found a place.
Forget about spas and room service. The only luxury this place has is tea/coffee making equipment, also it's a 10 minute drive out of the city or in our case a 20 minute 'hop on the bus Gus' ride unless we hire a car.
One redeeming feature it has though is it's very close to the Cadbury Chocolate factory. Actually thinking about that now, it's possibly not a good thing. Anyway we'll just make the best of it, I keep telling myself as long as we've got somewhere to sleep that's the main thing. Spas are overrated anyway.
So this is my very poor effort in jewelry making over the last few days.
Still on the grungeboard kick but this time no wall paper. Painted the GB then embossed the disc in the cuttlebug. Gently smeared silver rub n buff over the raised areas.
I used Folk Art black metallic paint. Sorry about the glare.
So now all the holiday plans are made I can concentrate on other stuff and that's just made me realise I better start making some Christmas presents to take with me. Guess what the sisters are getting!


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