Sunday, October 25, 2009

When Designs go Pear Shaped

See this.....this started life as a bracelet. Pale yellow pearl beads with silver beads and spacers. First it was too big so I pulled it apart, re-arranged things and removed a couple of beads, put it all back together and it was too small. Fiddled around with it some more and got thoroughly frustrated, had a little tanty, stamped my feet and said swear words then added some chain and now it's a necklace and a pretty boring one at that.
See that clasp. I blame that clasp for all my troubles. It just didn't want to be part of a bracelet. It wouldn't play by the rules and just decided it wasn't going to do up properly when it was part of a bracelet.
I like these and I think I'll keep them for me. The reason is they exactly match a shirt I own. I know, pretty bright and larey, so is the shirt. I call it my Couture Hawaiian shirt and it looks good on me. Well I just keep telling myself that.
Spot the mistake? I didn't until I had taken the photo and uploaded it to this post. It's fixed now. That will teach me to rush things.
This is an earring pattern from a magazine called Beginners Guide to Beading. It's an Australian magazine and has quite a lot of info in it, especially for newbies like me. Both of the above earrings are the same design, just different beads.
Must away......Svetlana is coming over for a play date so I'd better tidy up and get organised. If we make anything exciting I'll take photos. The melting pot and wax could be involved.


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