Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's a GB and WP Free Zone Today

Well no grungeboard or wall paper in this necklace. Just traditional beads and baubles and me practicing my stringing. As you all know the photos never do justice to the colours. Shades of deep purple and green with some silver thrown in for contrast.These beads were given to me by my friend Debbie (thanks Debbie).
Silver spacers and what not.
One very large purple fabric bead.
So this next set of photos are of a couple of mandrel sets I bought because I've been wanting to make my own oval jump rings. They seem to be very hard to get here in Perth and I know I could order them on line but I'm one of those people who want it and want it now.
This set has quite a few different shapes of mandrels. Oval, square, triangle and round. I love the square one.
I bought a set of metal Beadolon oval mandrels and commenced my adventure into jump ring making. Ok, wind on the wire as much as you need, slip it off the mandrel and start snipping. Easy peasy, you think I could slip that wire off the mandrel? No way Jose. It was stuck fast. I don't know if I wound it on too tight but I struggled for about 30 minutes trying to slide if off the mandrel. In the end I had to grip the whole thing with a piece of rubber matting and pries it off.
But I love these rectangle jump rings I made with the Artistic Wire worker and they are perfect for joining my pieces of grungboard/wall paper discs together. It sits nice and flat but with room to move about.
Think I need a manicure judging by that picture of my thumb.


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