Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Have No Bead Knowledge

I really should get to know the names of all the different shapes of beads and also what they're made of. I just go in the shop and pick out whatever I'm drawn to and I always forget to ask what they are, I'm too impatient to get home and start making something. I'm failing 'Bead Knowledge 101 '.
The colours in these beads drew me to them, green, yellow and black flecked small squarish ones and larger oblong faceted ones. See....I have no idea what I'm talking about here. But this I do know, the little black ones are crystals.
Now this pair have some recycled silver plastic beads, small black crystals and olive green drop crystals. Am I starting to sound knowledgeable yet?
Ok, small round yellow ones, silver pumpkin shape ones, silver filigree bead caps and small black crystals.
Now here I know what I'm talking about. Cream coloured wall paper glued to grungeboard, black hand stamping and gun metal eyelets and earing hooks. I made another pair last night and included them in with some bracelets I made for a work colleague of Brighita's. I just loved them so much I made another pair for myself.
They've got a sort of faded vintagey look to them. It's so gratifying to be able to use elements other than beads and I'm starting to use a lot of my mixed media stuff of which I have heaps.
Dinner preparations call (damn it). Chops and salad tonight because I'm struggling to come up with something creative and delicious. Wish I was Oprah, then I could have a full time chef!


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