Monday, October 19, 2009

Jailbird Earings

Not much to show for the weekend. In fact a very poor showing. Just one pair of earings.
Silver wall paper with a black stripe. Decided to try a different shape so settled on this oval shape which is about 3.5cm long (approx. 1.5"). Black eyelets and silver earing hooks.
Had a go at doing a wire wrap. Mmmm......back to the drawing board on that one. Added a small black crystal to give them a bit of weight and draw attention away from my wire wrap, ha ha!
Off to work soon so just a short post. This week doesn't look like being terribly productive really. Wednesday is Chas' birthday so tomorrow is shopping for a present, Wednesday is housework and tidying up (the rels are coming) Thursday is work again (yay, money for beads). Tuesday night I have a class with Kelsey. Decorating small dominoes to add to ATC's so maybe something to show on Wednesday.

Think I'll name these Jailbird Earings, the stripes make me think of prison garb. Or mattress ticking....thinking about that now I'm not sure I like them anymore...oh dear.


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