Friday, October 30, 2009

Head Out On The Highway

Had a really enjoyable day yesterday. Svetlana and I went on a secondhand/antique shopping expedition to York. She had been there a few weeks previously and saw a piece of antique furniture that she wanted to buy and needed some company on the 95k trip. Set off at 9.00 and had to pass through Guildford and of course we had to stop at the shops there for a quick browse. An hour later and we were on our way again. Arrived in York and called into the shop only to find the piece she wanted was sold. But she managed to find something else, so it certainly wasn't a wasted trip.

Next to the shop was a yard filled with all sorts of interesting bits and bobs and I saw this old washing machine. The name Hotpoint rings a bell with me, maybe my mum had one of these at one time. If my sisters are reading this they'll probably remember because they are much, much older than me, ha, ha (hi sisters..... waving).Now who new there was a road called The Rabbit Proof Fence Road. I thought it was just a movie. Kidding!
I didn't leave the country side empty handed. Some of my stash I bought at various shops, ready to be recycled into glorious pieces of jewelry.

And just so you don't think I've been unproductive this week, here's a few bracelets I made. Below is one with shades of green (nothing like the colours in the photo I might add) with antique gold.
Black and white.
More unrealistic shades of green.
And some wall paper earrings.
So now it's back to the real world of laundry, vacuuming and bill paying.


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