Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fruit & Veg & Beads.

Sunday Chas and I went for a drive up to the Midland Farmers Markets. Bought fruit and vegies and crusty bread and free range eggs. Prices aren't much cheaper than the supermarkets but it all seems to be much fresher.

So while we were wondering down the aisles, we were almost to the end and lo and behold there was a stall with and million strands of beads just begging me to wander inside and browse. Chas's eyes just glazed over, now if it had been a stall selling soccer paraphernalia..... well I'm sure he would have been as excited as I was at such a find. So I just casually mentioned what a good idea it would be if he took all our shopping bags back to the car while I looked around, thinking this would give me time to look, shop and hide most of my purchases before he got back. Wrong......he walked in just as I was handing over the credit card......damn, I wasn't quick enough. The guy running the stall was telling me that a lot of his regular female customers tell him if they come in with their husband he has to pretend he doesn't know them. And rightly so, what happens in the bead shop stays in the bead shop.

I couple of things I've made over the last few days. These were once a Christmas garland that I pulled apart. Matt gold filagree that I stippled over black alcohol ink and then smudged with silver rub n buff.Added some earring hooks and a very quick pair of earrings were created.

This next piece is nothing like the vision I had in my head. But I like it none the less. I had bought the silver chain a while ago and it's very silver and glitzy, so to tone it down a bit I've twisted two strands of matt black chain that I've added two different beads in shades of black and grey.
I'm not sure about the flower though. It's a smokey grey mother of pearl look. I think I like it. It still needs to have a clasp added to it.
Now I'm off to re-arrange stuff in my 1 metre x 1 metre square crafting area. I'm running out of room because the beads are multiplying faster than rabbits!


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