Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Hate the Drawing Board

The drawing board and I are on very intimate terms of late. I'm beginning to dislike the relationship that is developing between us and you know familiarity breeds contempt....and I'm very contemptuous of the stupid drawing board. Remember this necklace below, I really liked it , but it just wasn't to be. It wouldn't sit right and after re-doing it about oh.....maybe ten times, it's now become two different necklaces. Just the very sparkly, silvery, glitzy chain with a black chain twirled around it and the mother of pearl flower as a focal.
These were the two beaded chains that were in the original, now they reside together without the glitzy chain and flower. But I don't like it so it will be going on a trip to the drawing board.
This looks ok but the beads are too heavy for the chain so it's off on a road trip with the above necklace.
I like this one, very plain and simple and after re-stringing because I didn't like the colour of the original focal bead (it was a dull matt silver bead) it's done. But does anyone know if you go on a diet do you loose weight from your neck? It's a choker in every sense of the word! I think there's a saying that goes something like, measure twice, string, crimp and add clasp once.
It's just not my week for beading me thinks. Think I might go and play with wall paper and glue and some new grunge paper (as opposed to grunge board) I bought and see what I can come up with.


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