Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Earring Experiments

These are an experiment. I bought some grunge paper the other day and wanted to try a few things with it. Because it's a bit thinner than the GB I thought I might be able to eliminate a couple of steps with my wall paper shapes. Normally I cut out the GB shapes then the wall paper shapes and then glue front and back. A bit time consuming, so I wondered if using the GP I could glue the WP onto the front and back of a long strip of GP , wait for it to dry then cut out the shapes with my cuttlebug. It's not bad but the shapes can't be too intricate otherwise the cuttlebug just won't cut all the way through.I don't know where the pink tinge came from because it's silver with a black stripe.
These are another pair of metal Christmas deccies. They were originally gold so I've painted them with black metallic paint and then smudged with silver rub n buff.
Now these are a new thing. My BFF Carmen very kindly let me go through her wall paper sample books. We've both got about 5 books that are the same, but she has a fantastic book with the most gorgeous embossed wall paper. They are all white and the idea is you apply them to your walls then paint them with your chosen colours. So here I've just left them white and smudged over a black stazon stamp pad to pick up all the raised areas. Added some black bugle beads to give them some weight and Roberts your uncle.
I really like them. I think Carmen better count her wall paper books each time I leave her house. If the embossed one is wasn't me, OK?


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