Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visions and Vampires

Lying in bed the other night and trying to get images of vampire babies and werewolves out of my head (I'm reading the Twilight series). So the next best thing to think about was jewelry and I had a vision. I could see this necklace draped around the slender neck of someone tall and willowy. That's not me by the way, I'm short and wallowing in my own flubby fat!
Now the thing about visions is this.....the vision and the reality are sometimes two different things and turning the vision into reality is something else again.
Out came the trusty cuttlebug.
I cut out 28 small, medium and large grungeboard discs.
Then I cut out 56 small, medium and large wall paper discs. Ok, this is taking a bit longer than I anticipated.

Edged all 84 pieces with a brown sharpie. No white edges, thank you Kelsey, you taught me well.

Glued the wall paper to the grungeboard on both sides. By this stage I'm getting a over the whole 'vision'.
Out came the cropadile. What a lifesaver that thing is. Proceeded to set 56 eyelets.

Then slowly worked out the design. Had to add some other elements to it to give it some weight.
Antique gold chain and some embelishments.
And here you have the finished piece. I started this on Saturday afternoon and finished it today, 4 days later.
I didn't end up using all the discs, if I had, the necklace would be about knee length, but that's ok because the leftovers can be used for other things.
Next time I have a vision I think I'll mull it over for quite some time before I decide to give it a go.


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