Friday, August 7, 2009

Blog Post 101.......giveaway.

Edited to note, 12th August: Extending my giveaway until the weekend. I've been out and about shopping (I might have been in the bead store when you rang Carmen) and I'm exhausted. I'll give you the tip....bead shopping is a bit of head spin, so much variety, so much to choose from, so many beads! Working for the next two days (have to pay for the beads) so I'll draw the winner on Sunday. Till then, happy arting, crafting or beading my bloggy friends.
Are you sick of these yet? Sorry but I'm a bit addicted to these, don't worry it will eventually wear off. These are some memory frames I did in class on Wednesday night . Poured over a stamp and then smeared with a bit of rub n buff. Decided to try normal heat embossing on the backs of them so stamped an image with embossing ink, covered with normal embossing power and gently heat set with the gun being careful not to melt the whole thing in the process.

Now the one in the middle went a bit pecurliar. Someone, and I won't mention who Jenny, was very impatient and just couldn't wait for the black UTEE to melt so she stirred it up like it was a pan of scrambled eggs and consequently when I heat set it with the gun, a million tiny bubbles came up to the surface, so now it looks like a moon scape.

The Sheila's

The set of 3 ATC's and the memory frame pendant pictured at the very top of the post are giveaway's. I missed my 100th post by about one or two I think so if you would like to leave a comment you're in the draw. I'll pull a name out of the hat on Wednesday.

This is a blurry view of the back of the pendant. Or you could turn it into a key chain, it's 1" square with some beads and a small metal charm added to the bottom.


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