Tuesday, February 16, 2010

After Five Cocktails

I've gone all 'after five' and 'cocktail' of late. A bit girly and glam. This is a choker style necklace with silver and dark grey pearl beads.Cocktail
With a rather large round faceted glass bead to sit right in front.
With another of my black floral magnetic clasps to tie it all together. (love those clasps)
Had a few pearl beads left over so I made bracelet and mixed in some matt black onyx beads. I like the mix of matt and shiny.
Added a little silver filagree charm.
This bracelet is threaded onto beading elastic.

While my good friend and work colleague Joanie and I were driving to a job a few weeks ago she was commenting on my 'Why' necklace (she lets me navigate now because my new GPS who I've named Rhonda, as in help me Rhonda, speaks to us in a lovely Australian accent and never gets us lost) and I was saying I was bit annoyed at myself because I haven't developed a style. I'm doing all sorts of things from glam to grunge and everything in between. But she made the point that it's not such a bad thing because while I'm doing all these different things I'm not limiting myself and each different style I try I'm learning something. Wise Joanie......she has a point and she's not afraid to voice it.

Now my BFF Carmen has demanded I start naming my pieces. Gawd.....that is so hard, trying to think up names that suit the pieces and somehow make sense. I have a hard enough time trying to think up blog titles. Carmen I'll do my best!


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