Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grunge and Glam

Not a lot of creating this week. After having DH home for six weeks he finally went back to work on Monday( hooray) and then had Tuesday and Wednesday off (darn) then I had to work the next three days. So thing have been pretty quiet on the jewelry front. But I did manage a couple of things.

Decided to play around with some fibres and see what I could come up with. Back in my art journalling days and an attempt at book binding with Vivian I had large hank of recycled silk ribbons that I had bought from her. Not sure if she is still selling them but you could ask. So this is what I came up with.

Plus I wanted to use up some of my extremely large scrap booking stash. This is a little metal tag that I stamped over with black stazon ink.Some of the links and chain are recycled. I wire wrapped the ribbon onto jump rings and then attached it to the chain. Also wire wrapped different areas of the ribbon just to give it some interest.
This was I think, supposed to be a ribbon slider, so I laid it over a jar and bent it slightly so it had a very slight curve and then decided it needed something in the middle. Fossicked around in my drawers and came across a bag of metal letters the exact same gun metal grey colour and thought, bingo, perfect. Now I know you're thinking to yourself why? why did she use the word why? Just another of those serendipitous moments I had. When I tipped the bag onto the table W,H,Y, were the 3 letters on the top. Also I had been watching (more listening than watching) a movie a couple of days previous with Cybil Sheppard (teribble actress in my humble opinion) about a mature age student going back to college and having to share a dorm with a girl young enough to be her daughter. After they got over their initial dislike for each other (it was all very predictable) the girl bought Cybil a long sleeved black t shirt with the word WHY in big white letters across it. So that's how the word WHY came about.
Added dingle dangles and different bead combos and here it it. My grungey "WHY" necklace.
Now here's the glam one. Small recycled white glass beads with a large black lucite flower from the Beadin Path and a black floral magnetic clasp from Spotlight.
Took so many photos to try and get a reasonable shot of this necklace.

Hopefully next week will be quieter and I can create away till my hearts content. That's after cleaning, washing, cooking, shopping etc. etc. etc.


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